The Power of Advertising: A Story of a Homemade Jam

We know that advertising is effective. Companies all over the world budget millions of dollars on just advertising alone. The question is: “Is advertising worth the money spent?”

Think of this scenario: you make homemade jam and one day you decide that you will like to sell this homemade jam. You start off by selling your jam to friends and family, which is great as they want to be supportive of you. At best, the marketing of your product would get to the plates of friends of friends through word-of-mouth by those closest to you. This amount of advertising is perfectly fine for some people as jam making could just be a good small-time hobby for you to do in your past time.

 But then one day, you may just ask yourself “What if I had to turn this into a business?” and that is a question that many millionaires started off by asking themselves.

How can selling few jars of jam turn into a large operation that can possibly supply a city, state or even a country? Through advertising.

Effective printed advertising is a great starting point. Create flyers with effective copy to help convince your entire community that your homemade jam is delicious! Put out advertisements in your local newspaper in order to inform your whole community of new found entrepreneurship!

Before you know it, you may have your own shop where you sell homemade jams and other consumable delights to customers. Once again, effective advertising and copywriting are the ingredients to your further success in your business. You will surely need store signage and a catchy little slogan to help promote your brand. Brands like Coca-Cola and Nike are familiar to us all because of their iconic logos and slogans. At this stage, you should probably be thinking of advertising beyond just your local community. Social Media advertising has become a major way of creating brand awareness for businesses. Carefully placed tweets and digital advertisements can help you “spread the love” of your homemade jam to a lot more of the populous.

Sooner or later, you might just find yourself as the owner of a national operation, supplying your jam to stores and pantries nationwide. Once again, advertising will be the key to your further business success. Your very own website dedicated to your store is also a great way to get exposure. The website could provide detailed information about your products, other variety of products you sell, access to online delivery, subscription to mailing lists for your customers and so much more. A well created website not only informs potential customers about your product, but also advertises it to them as well. Maybe you will then decide that radio and television advertising is the next step to take, you have decided to place a substantial amount of budget into advertising as you are well aware of the benefits of it. Your television and radio scripts need to be effective yet short due to the time constraints found in these forms of advertising. Persuasive words need to be used in order to convince the listener/viewer into buying your products.

So, that is the story of the homemade jam. Of course, one could be completely content with selling their jam to just their relatives, but then, one may also have regret when they think back to any point in their life and ask themselves “What if…?”

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